Marisol ~ Luxury Handmade Umbrellas That Make a Difference

When you twirl an umbrella, you want it to look fabulous. The spin can take a design and make it sing depending on the colors and patterns printed on it’s exterior. Marisol makes beautiful umbrellas that are built on steel frames and feature the most delightful African wax prints.

Each one of these umbrellas are handmade in Brooklyn and have a colorful Lucite handle. They don’t come cheap and I think it’s quite safe to say that these umbrellas are definitely more along the lines of a luxury item, running in at $395. That being said, 20% of all net proceeds go to a great cause. Marisol donates the proceeds to help Congolese victims of sexual violence.

Each purchase will protect you from the rain yes, but it will also go towards something even greater.

For more information and to check out even more of their stunning colors, visit Marisol.