Donna Wilson Designs ~ Home Decor That’s A Little Out Of The Ordinary

As a mom and lover of design, the Donna Wilson collections make me swoon! Seriously, every single thing in the shop needs a place in my home. I love unique, handcrafted items, and everything in the collection is just that. There is something here for everyone. Whether you are decorating a baby’s nursery, your loft kitchen, a college dorm, or your family den, Donna Wilson will not disappoint. (Cat lady? See cat pillow.)

Her creatures are so awesome. This snail is the coolest. And no kid is going to refuse to eat his veggies with this amazing brocolli plush.

I first found Donna Wilson because of this little mountain baby blanket. If this doesn’t make you want to have twenty more babies, I don’t know what will.

Speaking of babies, how cute is this little baby face plate?! And this water bottle? Adorable.

You can find all of Donna Wilson‘s goodies on her website. She’s on Facebook too, so make sure you get connected.