Keep Boredom Away: 10 Cute Summer Crafts for Kids


Every mom dreads the first cry of “I’m bored” during the summer break. That’s why we’ve put together these 10 Cute Summer Crafts for Kids just for you, gleaned from some of the best craft websites you can find. So now you’re prepared to keep the boredom at bay. Have a great summer!

summer crafts for kids

This wind catcher from Scrumdilly-do looks easy to make and also gives them something to do when their done…….catching wind!

summer crafts for kids

Let their artistic side come out. Hang up a large piece of paper on an outside wall and let them throw paint at it! Thanks to Spoonful for the fun idea!

summer crafts for kids

A throwback to just about everyone’s childhood is the classic pinwheel. Check out Deuce Cities Henhouse for a great tutorial!

summer crafts for kids

You don’t have to travel to Hawaii to get the feeling of the island. Get your kids to make these adorable paper leis and hold a luau in your backyard. Full instructions are at The Crafty Chicks.

summer crafts for kids

Catching fireflies is hard. This is easier and you don’t end up with dead flies in the morning. Perfect for bedside tables or in a tent, you can find full instructions at From Panka With Love.

summer crafts for kids

Another great craft from Spoonful, these fluffy flip flops are easy enough to do that mom or dad don’t need to hover.

summer crafts for kids

What to do with all those shells collected at the beach? Why, make shell critters of course. A little glue, some googly eyes and shells are all you need. RobinAge shares the how-to here.

summer crafts for kids

Play Dough just never gets old. Get the kids to help make it, and then watch them while away the hours letting their imaginations run wild. Modern Parents, Messy Kids has a great recipe that uses Jell-o for colour!

summer crafts for kids

Brilliant!!! A race track made from pool noodles. I absolutely love this idea from Ramblings from Utopia!

Finally, how cute are these watermelon fans? Totally adorable. Perfect to hand out to guests at your next barbecue or picnic and you can get the kids to make them. Win-win. Full tutorial can be found at Crafts By Amanda.

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  1. Amanda

    July 5, 2013 at 7:01 am

    Thanks for featuring my watermelon fan! This is a great round up :)

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