Moroccan Leather ‘Poufs’ Add a Touch of Chic To Any Room

Moroccan Leather Poufs

We have a couple of ottomans in our home and my kids like to use them as chairs while watching movies. These Moroccan leather ‘poufs’ really caught my eye.

Using a combination of hand-dyed leathers, Abder in Marrakech has created buttery soft ottomans that are hand stitched in different colored threads. I really love the look and think they would make a great decorative piece for an instant boost of chic. Super cute! They come in all sorts of color combinations and would suit just about any room or decor.

The catch? They come shipped unstuffed. It’s up to you to fill them as you see fit (cotton filling, towels, pillows, polystyrene balls) and you can then adjust the firmness as you like. Interesting concept!

Prices range from $100-$162. For more information or to purchase, please visit Marauthentics on Etsy.