Dreft Isn’t Just For Babies – The Gentle Yet Tough Formula That Gets Everything Clean


When I was contacted about trying out Dreft detergent and doing a review, I was really excited. I mean, I don’t think it’s normal to be so giddy about laundry. With a husband and two wee ones in tow, our laundry is out of control. I feel like I am always putting in a new load or folding one to put away. To me, laundry detergent needs to do two things. First, it needs to clean my clothes well – stains and all. Then, it needs to leave me feeling cozy and fresh. After doing a few loads of laundry with the samples from Dreft, I can say this detergent does it all.

Dreft has been around for 75 years. Not much of anything else I use on a daily basis has that kind of history, which insures me that this must be a solid, get-the-job-done kind of product. I feel silly now, because I thought that Dreft was only for babies. While it is the #1 detergent recommendation by pediatricians, Dreft is awesome for the entire family. When you have a big family with lots of laundry, it’s so much easier to wash everything together instead of sorting the baby things from the big kid things from the adult things. It’s tough on stains, but gentle on fabrics, which is exactly what I need for both my softball-playing husband and my banana-smooshing, dirt-digging one year-old. (See below!)

Whether you are an eager expectant mama or a mom of four with loads of laundry on your hands, Dreft might be the detergent for you!

P.S. Dreft is hosting a Royal Baby Name Bracket Competition. You should totally check it out!

Disclosure: Sample detergent packs and a gift card were given to me by Dreft. Opinions are completely my own. 

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