7 Of The Best Summer Camps For Boys In Canada


We’ve dished on the best summer camps for girls, but what about the best summer camps for boys in Canada? Whether you are sending your son off to camp for the first time, or have some research to do before he leaves next year for his first camp session, you may find this list useful. After loads of research and talking to many parents over the last couple of years, these are the best summer camps for boys here in Canada.

Camp Ponacka

For over 65 years, Camp Ponacka on Baptiste Lake near Bancroft, Ontario has been “building better boys” with their camp program. Campers from across Canada, the USA and Internationally come here year after year to enjoy the 160 acres of shoreline and forest. Boys can choose from over 20 choices some of which include woodworking, pottery, canoeing, kayaking, pottery, horseback riding, sailing, archery and many more. Kid ages 7-9 can sign up for a 2 or 4 week camp, however once your boy is 10 or older camp runs for 4 week sessions only. There are no one week sessions available at Camp Ponacka.

Camp Ahmek

Pierre Trudeau spent his 1937-38 summers here and passed along the tradition to his son Justin Trudeau who also camped at Ahmek. Located on the mainland shore of Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park, Camp Ahmek is a brother camp to Camp Wapomeo for Girls and owned by Taylor Statten Camps. Activities include swimming, canoeing, kayaking, drama, tennis, horseback riding, archery, sailing and so much more. They do offer a four day session for kids ages 6 and 7 years old for $650. Regular sessions start at $2100 for 2 weeks.

Camp Hurontario

Located on the spectacular Thirty Thousand Islands on Georgian Bay, Camp Hurontario offers incredible scenery and activities to match. Your boy can take canoe trips ranging from 5-7 days across the Pickerel and French Rivers, up to 11 days to their northern output in the Chapleau Game Reserve. There is even an opportunity for boys ages 15-16 to take a water trip in James Bay, the Arctic and Labrador. This camp is flexible with their options offering 5 days to three and half weeks, for boys aged 5 through 16.

Camp Pathfinder

Camp Pathfinder celebrates their 99th year in Algonquin Park this year. They’ve been providing great camping experiences to boys since 1914. I love how they offer rewards and achievements to their campers. Some programs include ecology, ropes courses, tripping, woodsmith skills, swimming and so much more. Boys who are 7 years old can take advantage of the Mic Mac One-Weeker for $1,200. 2 week sessions start at $2,300. Half and full seasons are also available.

 Camp Chikopi

If sports is what your after, Camp Chikopi delivers in spades. Established 1920, this is the world’s first ever, “All Sports Summer Camp” and sits on 400 acres in the heart of the Almaguin Highlands in Ontario, Canada, offering everything from badminton, indoor volleyball, weights room wrestling, mountain biking, sailing, kayaking and canoeing. Camp is suitable for ages 7-17 and starts at $1,500 for 2 weeks.

Camp Nominingue

Camp Nominingue has been providing amazing summer camp experiences for boys since 1925. They are located on over 300 acres of forests and fields in Quebec’s Northern Laurentians. Along with activity instruction in over 20 different subjects, cano tripping and leadership courses are also available. 8 day sessions are open to boys 7-9 and start at $975.00. 12, 15, 19, 26, 40 and 43 day options are also available up to the age of 16.

Camp Kilcoo

Located on the beautiful Gull Lake in Haliburton, Ontario, this camp has been around since 1932. They teach activities such as archery, ceramics, mountain biking, ropes, rock climbing, arts and crafts and lots more. There is a chapel on the premises, however Camp Kilcoo is non-denominational. The chapel is a moral and value based spot where kids learn with themes like teamwork, friendship, confidence, etc. Two week sessions start at $2,200. One month sessions are also available. Suitable for boys ages 8 and up.