Chooze Shoes = The Power of Choice


We first featured Chooze Shoes on a deals link and then showed you the adorable pair Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla Aubry was wearing last fall, but I wanted to show off more of their patterns and styles as I love what the company is doing. The profits from Chooze Shoes (first off, isn’t that a great name to say aloud?!) help to give families in poverty the power of choice. Chooze invests in anti-poverty programs that provide training, support, education, and loans for women to launch their own businesses.

The company is pretty amazing.

And their shoes are pretty awesome. Each shoe is slightly different than the other — mismatched on purpose! I love it. They design collections of Signature Slip-ons, Sandals and Flip Flops, Favorite Sneakers (link to all Girlslink to all Boys), and their sale items are cleverly called Going Going Gone. They even carry a women’s collection. I found the top center pair of little robots (Transport Print) at REI last week and loved them. The sole was sturdy, flexible, and comfortable on my toddler son’s foot. Chooze Shoes uses only vegan materials in manufacturing and they are packaged in “Art Boxes” versus shoe boxes to encourage children (and adults!) to use their creativity and imaginations while reusing and caring for the environment.

Check out Chooze Shoes for yourself and your family and tell us what you think! You can find them online at their website, blog, Facebook, and links to other Press.


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