Breakfast At American Girl – Fifth Avenue NYC

breakfast at american girl

There is a sweet spot in a every girl’s life when they are not quite a little girl anymore and not quite a teenager either. For moms everywhere, it is this time we cling to most earnestly, trying so hard to keep them children for a just a little bit longer. My two daughters, 10 and 8, are in that zone. They idolize the latest pop stars, and are drawn to make-up but play with their American Girl dolls every day.  It’s for that reason, that I made a point of taking them to the American Girl store on Fifth Avenue in NYC the last time we visited. Who knows, by the time we make it back, their American Girl dolls may be packed away in tissue for their children. This time is short.

If you haven’t visited the American Girl store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, you should definitely make a point of it. It is little girl heaven, taking up three full floors of precious Manhattan real estate with dolls, doll clothing, girls clothing, accessories, stuffies, books, a hair salon, a doll hospital, concierge service and a restaurant. It’s pure and delightful escapism.

American Girl offers a breakfast seating, two lunch seatings, an afternoon tea and two dinner seatings. We decided to fuel up with breakfast before we tackled the task of finding my girls Just Like Me dolls. That being said, believe me when I say this store is huge, so taking a load off in the restaurant is a great way for everyone to recharge their batteries. I think lunch, tea or dinner would be a perfect break.

breakfast at american girl

Reservations are highly recommended so be sure to book well ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Also, remind your daughters to bring their American Girl dolls. When the maitre d’ asks how many, he means how many people and dolls. Tables, as you might expect, are set in the finest girly girl fashion.

breakfast at american girl

The menu has a well-rounded offering of heart shaped pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, Eggs Benedict, granola, yogurt and croissants. Beverages include healthy breakfast smoothies, an assortment of juices, milk and, attention all moms, Mimosas! I’m not saying this is going to help your shopping excursion, but it can’t hurt either.

breakfast at american girl

Having dined at several “experience” type restaurants, I was pleasantly surprised with the food. Breakfast though is fairly hard to mess up, so when booking any character or experience type meal, it’s always a safe bet. The menu is prix fixe, with the prices per person ranging between $20 and $26 depending on the meal. This helps when budgeting for your day.

breakfast at American Girl

I was thrilled with our experience at American Girl and so were my daughters. As an added treat I booked them with their own personal shopper for the day. This is offered at no extra cost and they loved the having the royal treatment for the few hours we were there. If you are planning a trip to New York City with your young daughters, then try and work in an excursion to the girliest of places, American Girl on Fifth Avenue.

Candace Derickx

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