My girls have a thing for ruffles and me? Well, I have a thing for anything “Flamenco”. The music, the shoes, the dresses, the hair – anything to do with that exotic dance, I’m hooked. A couple of days ago an email landed in my inbox that stopped me in my tracks. Deluna had sent out an email with details on some of their new arrivals and their Flamenco dress had me at […] Continue reading →

Cheekie Charlie has announced two new design collections for this summer: Sail Away and Fly Away! This adorable bib company was founded by a branding designer turned stay-at-home-mom as a way to have a creative outlet and create unique products for your infants and young toddlers. Cheekie Charlie offers an unexpected spin on every day basics by offering a bodysuit with three interchangeable snap-on bibs. These bibs are integrated in to the bodysuit with hidden snaps, which are unnoticeable when worn alone. Instead of changing the child’s onesie every time the top half becomes wet from drool or spit-up, you […] Continue reading →


After dare I say it – 7 1/2 months of cold snowy weather (yes it snowed in May), I have finally been able to shrug off the heavy coats and replace them with tanks and tees. We’ve also been able to take our new wheels for a few spins. The Stokke Xplory is a luxury stroller that I’ve had a crush on for quite some time now. It’s elegant look has always appealed to me, and although I’ve played with it during tradeshows and events and seen it pushed by countless celebrities, I’ve never had a chance to really test […] Continue reading →