The Comfort Of Tradition & How To Make The Most Stunning DIY Princess Crowns

This past weekend, my husband and I were driving through the city of our childhood and memories came flooding back for both of us. There are shops that still have the same signage outside, the exact same signage. It’s funny how some things change drastically and others – nothing at all. When a company is still around after x number of years, it’s a comfort.

Lance Snacks is celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year. Their crackers are a snack that our family likes for school snacks and road trips. As a self-proclaimed “health nut” I love how they use whole-grain products in some of their cracker packs. The peanut butter and cheese is real which is also a plus. Fake stuff doesn’t go well around here…

To celebrate their birthday, Lance Snacks has introduced new Xtra Fulls sandwich crackers with more peanut butter and they also have a super fun campaign going on. 100 Days to Win is an online program with fun opps and daily challenges to win prizes ($100,000 towards a dream birthday party anyone?). You can enter by visitin Happy100Lance.com.

Speaking of birthdays, my daughter’s is coming up soon and I’m looking for fun DIY ideas, Jessie Jane from lilyshop.com put together this video in lieu of the celebration showing you how easy it is to put together a DIY princess crown that offers a real wow factor.

Fabulous right? Off
Happy 100th Anniversary Lance!

*This post has been sponsored by Lance Snacks, a brand that I’ve loved for years. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*