Books That Are A Little Different ~ 10 Original & Highly Entertaining Baby Books

Books are gold. They really, really are and for families there is nothing more valuable than the gift of reading.

There are so many baby books out there. Traditional, classics, retro, simple, and although I love them all, the really quirky one-of-a-kind books are the ones I like the best. Take BabyLit for example. We are huge fans of their take on classical literature and how they’ve made it accessible to infants and toddlers in a bright and visually appealing format.

Recently I interviewed the author of Flying Henry. Her book is another visual stunner that makes kids gasp in wonder and parents in admiration. If you haven’t flipped through her book yet, here’s a sample. Stunning!

This week I list 10 of the quirkiest and most original baby books out there. Take a look, leave a comment and tell me what you think. Did I list any of your favorites? Leave any out?