No It’s Not Just You, Louis Vuitton Bags Are Getting Pricier

I thought it was just me. I was scrolling through Louis Vuitton’s website and noticed the bags and wallets seemed even more expensive than usual. Yes, yes, they are a luxury brand and known for their high-end bags and accessories, but the prices are even higher than I ever remember.

Turns out it wasn’t my imagination.

Louis Vuitton’s bags have received a 12% price hike thanks to sliding currencies. According to The Daily Mail, the prices increased in Europe by 10% and the UK and U.S soon followed. 5-10% increases have been noticed in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. A retail analyst and Mizhattan both agree that the price hike won’t matter to Louis Vuitton’s elite clientele, which may definitely be the case, but this also means that second-hand bags will go up which I am sure will affect many consumers.

What’s your take? Have you ever purchased a Louis Vuitton bag? Does a price increase of 12% seem reasonable or ridiculous?