Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin Officially Opens At SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando has opened the final attraction of their recent expansion. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is a brand new family adventure ride that combines 30-degree temperatures and nearly 250 penguins in a chilling and thrilling ride.

Kids and adults are essentially immersed into the continent of Antarctica and learn all about penguin life and the dangers and beauty of the frozen land. Guests can choose one of two levels of exploration depending on what kind of thrill they are seeking. A combination of new technologies have created a unique freezing (but dry) climate where guests can really experience the penguin’s habitat.

In addition to the ride, children can try out the interactive touch screens and engage in various educational elements There is also a restaurant on site where fresh herbs are produced with the hydroponic garden.

Sounds fabulous! Definitely an attraction I would want to experience with my kids. For more information, please visit SeaWorld Orlando.