New From Petunia Pickle Bottom ~ 2013 Layette Collection

Petunia Pickle Bottom announced the new 2013 Layette Collection earlier this week! You are going to adore it the new designs. One of the first things I bought my son when I found out we were expecting a little boy, was a blue Social Set for his “coming home” outfit. The onesie and pants were huge on him, as my pregnancy brain had ordered a larger size, but it worked out well since he was able to grow in to it and wear the 3-6 months sizing until he was almost 10 months old. The clothes fit snugly and the fabric seemed to allow room for growth. Now he is 17 months old and I am wishing there were toddler sizes for him so that he could stay in the comfortable fabrics that Petunia offers

The Snuggle Sets and Social Sets are packaged beautifully and they feel like a treat if ordering for your own child, and work perfectly as a gift for a new baby entering the world. The yellow Etched Check print is one of three gender neutral options.

The orange Diamond Tread Snuggle Set is cozy and soft, and the kimono-style snaps make it incredibly easy to dress when baby is sleeping, and remove in times of diapering needs.

The pink Prim Pinwheels print (say that five times quickly!) is incredibly sweet and classic for a little lady…

…and the Blue Argyle design is trendy and proper for a little lad. Make sure to browse their mix and match collection to check out all of their new layette prints; they’re just perfect.

Petunia Pickle Bottom is a powerhouse of a company when it comes to popularity in bag designs and prints, and they never fail to disappoint. With the launch of their new handbag line coming SOON, and the launch of the Sons of Trade line this month, the company is making sure there is something you’ll love for everyone you love.