Prêt-à-Porter – The New YSL Coloring & Activity Book

Boys, girls, women and men can now try their hand at designing thanks to one of the biggest fashion houses in the country. Yves Saint Laurent has provided an inside look at their own sketchbook and turned it into a coloring/activity book.

YSL: Pret-a-Porter provides space for you to get your creative juices flowing and add in your own ideas and designs.

If you are an avid fan of YSL, you’ll most likely appreciate the silhouettes and drawings from the Spring Summer 2012 collection which are provided inside the book along with actual fabric swatches that Saint Laurent originally placed in his own personal sketches.

This book is officially authorized and based completely on the works of Yves Saint Laurent. Ideal for all ages, it was just released this month on May 7th and is now available for purchase through Amazon.com.