Pleygo ~ The New “Netflix-Like” Lego Rental Service

My friend is a genius. No really. She is. Elina Furman, is the founder and editor of A-List Mom and A-List Travel as well as a designer. She recently debuted a crib bedding collection with Oliver B and has previously designed baby sleepers and layettes for Magnificent Baby. Her most recent endeavour is actually a solution to a problem that many of us have. As a mom to a five-year-old Lego lover, she knows first hand how those little blocks can affect your storage space and bank account, so she decided to launch Pleygo.com, a Netflix-like service for Lego sets which provides kids and adults an unlimited access to the Lego universe at a minimal cost.

Kids can build their favorite Lego creations day in and out, without having to purchase the sets. All of them are cleaned and sanitized between each use and guaranteed to come completely ready to play with all the pieces and full building instructions.

$15 a month is much less than what one would spend a year on blocks. This coming from a mom who’s friends complain about it endlessly! Kids can create their own wishlists from the site’s inventory and Pleygo then ships the parents the first set on each child’s wishlist. Once they are finished playing with the set, they just send it back in the pre-paid box, and the next set gets sent out.

Pretty nifty don’t you think?