Glitz & Glam! 10 Bejeweled iPhone Cases You Can Buy Now

While visiting The Somerset in Grace Bay, Providenciales last week, I came across the most stunning iPhone case. It was decorated in gems and was quite heavy to the touch. Not tacky or ‘plasticky’ in the least. I had yet to see anything quite like that case so I did a little bit of research and found the distributor as well as 9 other gorgeous cases that are covered in gems.

If the regular iPhone cases aren’t glitzy enough for you or if you are looking to make a statement with your iPhone, these cases will transform it into a stunning accessory! All of these covers can be made for models of iPhone 5, iPhone 4S/4G, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Touch 4G.

A bottle of perfume No. 5 and the Eiffel tower grace the cover of this clear case. ($29)

3D Crystals Jewelled iPhone Spider Case ($57.39)

3D Colorful Jewels Rhinestones Frog Charm iPhone Case ($37)

3D Charm Kitten Colorful Crystals Black Phone Case ($29)

Vintage-style colorful owl rhinestones crystals case ($39.59)

Vintage Bling Rhinestones Crystals Stylish Metal Elephant Hard Cover ($28.89)

Octopus Crystal Case ($53.36)

Clear Rhinestone Elephant Case ($39.59)

Vintage Purple Pink Crystal Metal Hard Skin ($28.89)

Peacock Bling Crystal Case ($52.12)