Travel Must-Haves: The 3 Things I Can’t Travel Without

The more I travel, the less I pack. There used to be a time when traveling with a carry-on was unfathomable to me, but now with the cost of checked bags ranging from $20-$35 (!), I’ve made it a rule to check baggage only when absolutely necessary. 8 day cruise – checked baggage. 4 day trip – carry-on only.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked myself what the 3 things I couldn’t possibly travel without. My iPhone and laptop go without saying as they are an extension of me, so I left them out. But the others include:

  1. MD Moms Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes are a must-have for our family and we don’t travel anywhere without them. They eliminate the mess that large sunscreen bottles tend to make and unlike full-sized sunscreen, they don’t have to be packed in your checked baggage. Another perk? They are safe for babies under 6 months!
  2. My iPhone is another travel must-have. Besides the obvious perk of staying in touch with family and friends, it is jam-packed with apps, maps and GPS services that make our travels a whole lot easier. I won’t leave the house without this little palm-sized electronic.
  3. Tea. I’m a big tea drinker and tend to drink a variety of green, white and herbal teas on a daily basis. The airlines don’t usually carry the brands or flavors that I usually drink, so I pack 4-5 bags in a Ziploc baggie and pop it in my carry-on before I leave.

I also polled 26 of my colleagues who happen to be heavy travelers and their picks may surprise you! View the entire list over on Babble.com.