I Was Educated At Walt Disney World: The Story Of Duffy Bear

Disclosure: I visited Walt Disney World as their guest with the Traveling Mom Network. All thoughts, opinions, fan-girl comments and bragging rights belong to me alone (as always!).

Last month while visiting Walt Disney World Resort, I found myself stumped. There was a line-up of people waiting to hug a bear and I had NO IDEA who he was. Was there a Disney movie I missed? An episode of a series that I was completely unaware of? Who on earth was this adorable bear hugging people in Epcot?

Of course, I had to find out, so we waited in line and low and behold the story was there for us to read. Not only is Duffy a Disney bear, he is an important character that just happens to be the closest to Mickey Mouse. Please tell me I’m the only one who didn’t know this?

I dish on the entire story of Duffy on Disney Baby in case you (like me) are learning about it for the first time.