Tetris Meets Robot With The New BLOK Backpacks From MadPax

MadPax changed the entire world of backpacks upside down and inside out when they first introduced their Spiketus Rex backpack design a couple of years ago. Since then they’ve added other 3D designs including ‘Bubble,’ ‘Lator Gator,’ and most recently BLOK.

The design couldn’t come at a better time with Minecraft (known as a digital form of LEGO) so popular at the moment. I’m partial to Tetris myself and find this to be quite similar to that particular game. BLOK is available in 8 colors: Alarm Fire, Sky’s the Limit, Pass the OJ, Blackout, Man of Steel, Pink-Wink, Wild Blue Yonder and Going Green. Like the other packs, BLOK will be available in the fullpack (ages 5 and up) and halfpack (4 and up).

In addition to BLOK is the new LedLox pencil case that doubles as a purse or small clutch to hold crayons, a phone iPod and other knick knacks.