Falling Whistles Campaign Is Working Hard To End War In The Congo

What started out as one traveler’s lust for adventure, pretty quickly turned into a major push for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  After speaking with 5 boys in Eastern Congo, they were told the story of boys too small to carry a gun and sent to the front lines armed with a whistle.  This story sparked a desperate need to promote peace in the Congo and in turn started the Falling Whistles Campaign.
By selling these beautiful whistle necklaces, the organization asks its supporters to be whistle-blowers for peace.  The proceeds from the sales of the whistles are invested into Congolese visionaries, raising money to educate and rehabilitate war-effected people of the Congo.  By wearing a whistle, you are protesting and raising awareness of the atrocities happening in the Congo.

Featured above is The Origin, $34

The whistles can be purchased on the Falling Whistles web store where you can also find out more information about the entire campaign. There are two styles of whistles for purchase, “The Origin” and “The 5 Boys”,  they range in price from $34 – $104 US and are designed in a variety of metals and finishes.