10 Reasons to Take a Vacation Without the Kids

So you’re thinking about getting away without the kids. No doubt you’re consumed with guilt over the whole thing and you’re desperately hoping someone will validate your wish to run away from home with your spouse for a week. Relax. I’ve got your back. Herewith, 10 Reasons to Take A Vacation Without The Kids.

1. You NEED this time. First and foremost, you need a break. It’s hard to visualize next steps in life when you’re consumed with picking up Cheerios from the floor of the car, making a lunch or wiping a runny nose? Leaving the kids at home is a great way to clear your head and plan for the future.

2. You and your husband NEED this time. Believe me, at first you’re going to struggle with what to talk about with each other in the absence of your children. After a couple of days though you’ll marvel at how much you’ve missed talking about adult things with your spouse.

3. At some point, although it seems very far away, you and your husband will have to forge ahead without the kids there. Vacations without your kids mean you stay connected with the person you love and don’t end up married to a stranger in 20 years.

4. You NEED to bring sexy back. Trust me, I know sexy gets thrown out the window when nursing bras enter the picture. Go invest in some pretty little things and watch the sparks fly. Va-va-va-voom.

5. You can be loud. Enough said.

6. Your kids will actually enjoy it. No kidding. Kids view a week away with grandparents or a favourite Aunt or Uncle as a bonus.

7. You can make new friends based on your interests, not based on your child’s playdate group.

8. You can eat for an entire week or weekend without worrying about cutting up someone’s food, or if the entire food pyramid has been met for the day. Eat slooowly. Don’t worry about the dishes.

9. So that you can fully appreciate all the things you took for granted pre-children. Sleeping through the night, only worrying about getting yourself out the door, watching R-rated movies. Sound like paradise? It is.

10. You’ll be a better parent when you get back. Your patience will be a little longer, your heart will be a little fuller and you’ll have missed your kids so much that that stain on this couch won’t even bother you.

Candace Derickx

Candace Derickx writes about food, family and travel on her site Life in Pleasantville and has been a staff editor at ChildMode since 2011. Follow her on Twitter @candace_dx and join in the conversation on her Facebook page, Life in Pleasantville.

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  1. Lauren @ momhomeguide

    May 7, 2013 at 7:19 am

    My husband and I have never vacationed without the kids. But we haven’t done as much vacationing since we started saving for college, etc.!

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