Room Tour: The New Legoland Hotel In California

On April 5th, the new Legoland Hotel opened in Carlsbad California, transforming this popular theme park destination into a true resort. The new hotel is a spectacularly family friendly option for visitors to Southern California and San Diego. So much thought and detail has been put into making every family’s stay a comfortable one. From the disco elevator to the themed rooms, common play areas and fantastic family dining options, the new hotel is sure to make traveling families smile.

While the room’s themes differ, the basic layout is the same in all the room types. The rooms are arranged with a bunk bed (with trundle) area that sleeps up to three kids, a bathroom, and a separate double bed area for the grown ups. The bathroom is at the center of the layout, conveniently separating the kid and adult sleeping areas. Kids and parents enjoy their own televisions. More fun kid touches in every room include

  • Treasure chest (and map to find the treasure and crack the code) in every room
  • Tub of Lego pieces to build with during your stay
  • Flip down kid-sized potty seats in the bathroom
  • Lego Sculptures on the walls
  • Kid friendly reading lights on the wall by the bunks
  • Lego head ice buckets

Here’s a peek inside all three of themed rooms.

First Floor: Your Castle Awaits in a Kingdom Themed Room

For guests who wish to be treated like royalty, this is the floor to choose. Pageantry rules on the ground level.

Second Floor: Thar be pirates on this floor!

We had the pleasure of bunking on the second floor and enjoyed the pirate themed decor in our room. Striped bedding and a nautical twist made us feel like we were sleeping at sea. The bunk bed had a trundle, which we didn’t use on this trip.

Third Floor: Adventure awaits!

The rooms on the third floor were possibly my favorite. Perfect for an explorer, nature lover or history buff.

The Disco-vator:

The elevator at the Legoland hotel is worthy of it’s own write up.  It’s a dance party every time you travel between floors. It seems totally normal when you get on but when those doors slide close, the fun begins! Get ready for some disco and a light show. Yes there is even some Abba in there. Shhhh…. Don’t tell your kids, you don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Bricks Restaurant:

Bricks is a restaurant that is going to make a lot of kids and parents very happy. It’s a place full of kid classics like mac and cheese and pizza, but also grown up food and gourmet items like salmon with a pineapple relish and carne asada. There’s fresh fruit and hot soup. There’s fresh bread and steamed veggies. There’s even a dessert bar that’s not too over the top junk food-y. Choose from kid crowd-pleasers like milk and cookies, or green jello and soft serve ice-cream and sprinkles. The food at Bricks is prepared fresh, and is reasonably healthy, which is a welcome sight for traveling families. It’s served buffet style, which is also thoughtful because theme parked kids are hungry ten minutes ago. They don’t want to wait. Way to make families happy!  Lego decor abounds with whimsical statues throughout. Kids can color the table coverings and visit with characters during meals.

Kid Friendly Touches Throughout the Hotel:

Legoland has really put thought and care into small touches everywhere throughout this hotel, guaranteeing a fun stay for all. It’s a great trip for parents and kids, or even grandparents and kids. Everyone will enjoy their stay at the hotel as much as their time visiting the parks.