Winter Water Factory ~ Our Favorite Kids Fashion Picks For Spring 2013

One of my favorite clothing companies for infants is Winter Water Factory. Their spring collection is so fresh and fun, so I had to highlight some favorite picks.

First stop, the quick childhood story behind their name. “The original ‘Winterwasserfabrik’ was founded in the early 1980s in Eschweiler, Germany, where Stefanie and her sister bottled melted snow and sold it to their parents as ‘winter water.’”

Winter Water Factory is a textile design and manufacturing company based in Brooklyn. Every one of their striking prints is 100% organic cotton. The High Seas buoy pattern has been a favorite of mine since I was pregnant with my son. The lines remind me of the deep carvings we made in a middle school art class when learning linoleum block print methods.

The yellow shells and poppies really stand out on this peek at the girls dress collection. I love the geometric print, the florals, and the little red mushrooms. These pieces are classic and sweet.

The boys shirt collection includes these prints (and more) of favorite transportation modes and handyman tools.

These infant snapsuits are so perfect. I wish they were made in sizes larger than 12 months so that my 15 month old son could wear them.

Rompers and baby gowns make my heart ache! They are so beautiful.

The simple animal designs make me so happy.

Check out how fantastic the limited edition women’s line looks! Their collection is also on Pinterest if you want to peek at their boards. Also take a peek at their tote bags, these would be the perfect additions to a summery wardrobe, a great car tote, or a beach bag.


You can shop Winter Water Factory online or find a local retailer near you.