You Can’t Fake Fashion ~ eBay & CFDA Collaborate On Totes & Counterfeit Awareness

Although I still use my diaper bags from time to time during outings with the kids, I am an avid designer bag collector and have been for quite some time. The one thing that really irks me is the very existence of a counterfeit bag. Designs are original to the incredibly talented designers who dream them up and to have someone rip them off with their own knock-off is appalling. eBay used to be filled with such counterfeits but lately I’ve noticed that there are fewer and fewer fakes out there compared to the past.

Perhaps this is due to the CFDA’s efforts in raising awareness or maybe we’ve become more educated in spotting the fakes. Steven Kolb, Chief Executive Officer of the CFDA:

“The CFDA works to protect designers’ intellectual property and fighting counterfeits is a critical issue to CFDA, eBay and the fashion industry at large… we continue to collaborate with eBay on this bold campaign to educate shoppers on the dangers of counterfeits, raise awareness of our mutual dedication to the fight against fakes and emphasize the importance of original design.”

eBay is committed to fighting the global trade of counterfeits which is why I adore this collaboration. 90 of America’s foremost designers have customized their own version of the ‘You Can’t Fake Fashion’ bag and they are to be sold exclusively on eBay starting March 18, 2013. Like their previous event, all proceeds will benefit the CFDA Foundation, though there will be a change in the system of purchasing bags. Totes will be available at auction starting at $100 while a brand new style of the standard “You Can’t Fake Fashion” tote will be available for purchase at a ‘Buy It Now’ price of $50.

Don’t buy fake bags people!