First Look: Marimekko Converse Collaboration & Kid’s Spring Collection

Ever since a friend gifted me a Marimekko umbrella for helping to host her baby shower (clever!), I have found myself in love with the company’s bright patterns and designs. Just looking at their styles and bold prints both inspire me and bring on a sense of happiness.  This month, the Finnish textile and clothing design company has teamed up with Converse to launch an incredibly fun new line of women’s shoes bearing their signature designs displayed on the classic canvas fabric.

I love that this line is for women! These shoes would be the perfect statement piece to wear with a casual outfit to the park or around town this spring and summer.  Marimekko prides themselves on the delicacy and strength of their designs, and, using a line from their video exploring the vision behind the company, “The color never yells at you. It glows.” That is a beautiful statement.

In addition to the new collaboration with Converse, Marimekko has released their Spring Collection for infants, toddlers, and big kids. I wish I could clothe myself in pink flowered leggings, they’re adorable!

Gear your child up and be prepared for March showers in these cheery raincoats. Now you have no excuse not to happily splash in puddles alongside them.

These pieces for the summer bring back classic childhood memories. How sweet are those little strawberries?!

Bibs and bowls make up just a few of their playful kids home items. The selections for home decor, fabric, storage, and accessories have been keeping me on their website dreaming for far too long now. Head on over to Marimekko online and check out their spring collections. The yellow floral Converse print is divine and my feet may need a burst of summer color a couple of months early this year.