Toys By The Bushel: A New Toy Box Inspired By The Orchards

Looking for something other than your typical wooden toy box? The Bushel Box Co., has taken inspiration from the orchards and created wooden, hand-painted personalizable boxes and crates suitable for the toy room, bedroom, living room or any other place you need a little help in the storage department.

The boxes are available in four different sizes the Apple Crate, Apple Tray, Apricot Crate and Bushel Box. Once you choose your box you can choose the wording you wish to put whether it be a name, phrase or date. There are nine different colors to choose from in addition.

I think these would be such a fun addition to a shabby chic nursery or rustic style home! Sadly, they are only available in Australia. A fun idea to play off of though in case you want to try and make your own.