Breitville: Mary Engelbreit’s Paper Dolls Come To iTunes With New App

Mary Engelbreit’s quirky artwork has been a favorite of mine for years. This world-renowned artist and graphic illustrator announced the release of her new app from Auryn. “Breitville”, is a paper doll dress up and play app where kids can start off in the virtual town and make their way through dressing up paper dolls, decorating doll houses and even record their own TV show with the iPad. It’s super interactive and brings the paper dolls to life. You can even ask them questions or record shows with them!

The app features:

  • Five dolls with mix-n-match outfits are included: two girls, two boys, and a baby.
  • Interactivity – Ask the dolls a question, or tell them that you love them: they’ll respond!
  • Show-time – Turn your dolls into stars:  the “TV studio” lets you record videos of the dolls as you move & voice them (Like a puppet-show, but with the dolls. Great for inspiring creativity! Invent your own dialog & plot-lines!)
  • Customize the décor with hundreds of items to choose from! You can decorate up to three houses (each house has three rooms and a garden), a park, and the beach!  From the wallpaper in the kitchen, to the white-picket fence in the garden, to the sofa in the living room, you can customize the entire home in classic Engelbreit style.

You can download this new app through iTunes for $3.99.