Delicious Petit Grocery Spring & Summer Collection From Bobo Choses

Barcelona-designed clothing brand Bobo Choses have launched their line for spring and summer, and it looks, in one word, delicious! Be prepared for a photo feature because there are so many items here that you will love to see.

The Petit Grocery line is inspired by fruits, veggies, food items, and cheery stripes, making sure that your child will be dressed in the sweetest, most visually appealing outfit that you could just eat up. Pun intended. I am loving this collection so much and sincerely hope nutritious objects become a trend!

The bright, but subtle, muted colors look comfortable and playful. What I love best about their baby collection is that the colors do not shout “boy” or “girl” and could be used by any child who wants to wear their favorite food. I would put my son in any of their baby pieces.

Oh, the sweetest little bums! The herring print culottes and little lemons are to die for. Be sure to check out the Madras, tomato, and orange prints online.

The 100% cotton overalls look soft and inviting and perfect for little crawlers and walkers.

These dresses take me back to my childhood, exploring the neighborhood and parks in the summer with friends.

In addition to their petit clothing line, Bobo Choses also offers whimsical prints for your home via rugs and pillows. I would love to have these pillows in my home this summer—they are so fresh and fun. They would also be perfect for beach house year round. An accessories line is available from Bobo Choses, along with even eau de cologne.

You can shop Bobo Choses online and at a store nearest you.