2013 Maple Syrup Festivals In Ontario ~ GTA, Ottawa, Northern Ontario & More


March has arrived and I am welcoming her with a great big hug. This has been a long and cruel winter. This month there is plenty to look forward to with the thaw immanent, warmer weather in the horizon, March break just around the corner and Easter at the end of the month. If you live in Ontario, Maple Syrup festivals are yet another sweet event to look forward to (pun intended).

Traditional maple syrup festivals have been held across North America for years. It is an event held in the  “sugar bush” that celebrates the spring season and maple sugaring. Depending on the festival you can expect activities like horse drawn carriage rides, games, logging competitions, maple candy making, pancake breakfasts and of course plenty of maple sugaring! Demonstrations are usually provided showing how the tree’s sap gets collected from the maple trees, filtered and then boiled down into the syrup we all know and love.

Whether you live in Southern or Northern Ontario, there are festivals going on just about everywhere. I’ve rounded up details and contact information for all of the locations that I could find. If you have another to add, please feel free to let me know in a comment below and I would be happy to update the list!

Greater Toronto Area/Southwestern Ontario

Eastern Ontario: 

Ottawa Region:

Near North: