Drum Roll Please…Vera Bradley Baby Launches Spring 2013!

Announcing Vera Bradley Baby!

While browsing through a monthly parenting magazine last night, I noticed a full page ad from Vera Bradley announcing their new baby line launching in stores March 14, 2013. Vera Bradley fans are devoted to their line of signature prints, quilted cotton luggage, handbags, and accessories, which ensures that this will be a clothing launch where you will want to be first in line. Because there will be a line! A clever and adorable “We’re Expecting” card on their website takes you to their Pinterest page, where you can find sneak peeks at what we can only guess (or hope) are just a few pieces of their upcoming collection.

This sweet floral print somehow pulls off both ornate and understated in a beautiful and simple way. This would make such a perfect baby shower present for a new little lady in your life.

I truly love the dainty trim on this bib; it reminds me of handmade pieces my grandmother used to make. The pink floral print makes me reminiscent of my own childhood, and the fact that looking at a bib print can do that for me is pretty incredible. I’m impressed already. While there are no hints online towards a collection of prints for little boys (nor gender neutral designs), that is understood from a company geared towards outfitting girls and women with their distinctive signature patterns.

So! What do you think of this newly announced line? View the Vera Bradley Pinterest page for peeks at a little bowed baby shoe, knit bunny doll, blocks, a bottle holder, and last, but not least, the required teeny tiny cute baby socks. And don’t forget, Vera Bradley already has a collection of Baby Bags for mom and baby.