Janod: France’s Leading Wooden Toy Company

Picasso went through his Blue Period, and I think I am going through a French Period. With Moulin Roty already in my heart as a children’s favorite, Janod is another company that tops my list. There is nothing that I love more than classic wooden toys, and if you feel the same, you will love Janod as well.

Founded in 1970, Janod is France’s leading wooden toy company. Their design is based on being playful and intelligent, sturdy and reassuring, and joyful and attractive. Their products convey this easily in their function and appearance.

Janod puzzles are cleanly designed with vivid colors depicting sweet animals, and they are easily manipulated by little fingers. My son loves the Chicken Knob Puzzle he received for his birthday and the Savannah Knob Puzzle that arrived in the Little Pnuts box we reviewed for you last week. They are also completely affordable at only $8 a piece.

Their walkers are popular with older infants and style-conscious parents.

The reversible Owly Clock would be a perfect addition for a family kitchen or child’s room.

Being a new mom to a boy, I have heard from many friends and family members about the importance of owning a train set. At some point in my son’s life, so I have been told, he will go through a train phase. What could be more beautiful than the classic, wooden Janod village pieces displayed all over your living room? I love it!

Find Janod online and at Oompa toys. (Oompa will help feed your European toy addiction.)