Wild Things: Handmade Animal Dresses & Overalls For Kids

Try as I may to dress them in outfits that I like, my girls each have their own individual sense of style. I can suggest pieces but in the end it has to be their choice or the battle of the clothing war begins.

A clever and talented company in the UK, designs handmade play dresses and overalls for kids inspired by our favourite wild animals that your child is sure to adore. Badgers, bunnies, mice, fox and other fun creatures have been hand appliqued on the front yoke with little ears and matching paw pockets.

These dresses encourage role playing and ignite imaginations. You could layer these with tights or as your child gets taller it can be turned into a tunic.

Aren’t the overalls fun?

Find the entire collection on Etsy by visiting Wild Things Dresses.