Moulin Roty Highlights: French Toys, Plush Dolls & So Much More!

Moulin Roty is one of my absolute favorite children’s companies. Started as a communal living village in France amongst 20 friends in the early 1970’s, Moulin Roty focused their founding on values of solidarity, sharing and respect. They began by launching soft doll and toy car product lines, and they have now grown to have over 14 ranges of items, with many more items offered within each range.

The Les Zazous line is comprised of soft, shaggy, plush animals with weighted bean bag bottoms and long arms slender enough for an infant’s grasp.

Last summer, I purchased my son the Koala doll, and I was not only impressed with the sweet character, but also the packaging. The doll arrived in a wide circular tube which is perfect for storing small blocks, toys, and miscellaneous treasures. The lid and whimsical printed container has been such a hit with my son that it counts as an additional toy for his room. He loves learning how to place the lid on and off of the opening, and it is the perfect size for him to hold while walking around collecting objects.

Look at these sweet whispering mice, Balthazar et Valentine. Browse through their selections within this line – the wooden-armed musical mobile, jewelry box, and souvenir box are all sweet items that would be perfect for a little girl’s room.

The Ma Poupee line of dolls introduces you to Alice, Louise, Clarisse, and Maia. Furniture and clothing sets are offered, as well as cloth dolls.

Spend some time on their website adoring all of their characters; so many of them will put a smile on your face. Moulin Roty offers plush dolls, wooden crib mobiles, dolls, shadow puppets, tea sets, party sets, baby booties, blankies, wooden airplanes, toy chests, hooded towels, and many additional playful products.

You can find beautiful selections of the Moulin Roty ranges at  The Green Nursery and My Sweet Muffin.