Where Can You Find Disney Princesses At Disneyland? The New Fantasy Faire!

Several years ago, my family and I headed to California for a quick trip to Disneyland and fell in love with the attractions and classic vibe of the park. Although we didn’t get to see all the attractions, the girls weren’t able to visit as many of the princesses as they would have liked. Disney Princess encounters are a must for little girls and beginning March 12, 2013, guests will be able to visit them in the brand new Fantasy Faire, a storybook world that extends Fantasyland in Disneyland California.

This expansion is located on the west side or Central Plaza area of Fantasyland and is designed in the charming, old world style.

“Visitors will walk a beautiful pathway leading into the corridors of the Royal Hall, where Princesses await them. Along the way, they will encounter whimsical design touches, including Geppetto’s cat Figaro dozing (and occasionally waking) on a window sill, and “Clopin’s Music Box,” a fascinating, interactive mechanical toy representing the Feast of Fools from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Tangled Tower, a magical sculpture inspired by the story of Rapunzel, comes to life after dark with Rapunzel’s hair twisting around the tower sculpture and twinkling in the moonlight. Speaking of Tangled, there will be two different shows at the Royal Theatre “Beauty and the Beast” and “Tangled” both to be presented by Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, a pair of vaudeville-style Renaissance storytellers and the princesses join them at the conclusion of the story.

A new shop (Fairytale Treasures) and restaurant (Maurice’s Treats) will also open.

We can’t wait!

Photo Credit: Disneyland