Upside Downton Abbey ~ The Clever Sesame Street Parody Kicking Off Their 43rd Season

I don’t watch much television but after reading all the hype surrounding Downton Abbey for the past two years I caved. One night after the kids were in bed, I downloaded the first episode off iTunes and couldn’t stop watching. I stayed up until 2 a.m. watching episode after episode and caught up to Season 3 in a matter of days. It consumed me.

The story-line, the characters, the era, the costumes, it’s all ‘my cup of tea’ shall we say. Our friends at LilSugar shared this video last week and I just had to do the same. Sesame Street is kicked off their 43rd season on February 4th with a parody skit called “Upside Downton Abbey” featuring Violet Crawley and Charles Carsongain. The skit is oh so clever. I don’t want to give away the details, but the skit is oh so clever! Watch in the video above and then let me know what you think.