Valentine Etsy Finds ~ 10 Cards For Your Sweet’s Sweet!

You know where all those really crafty, talented people from Pinterest are? They’re on Etsy. So if the craft gene alluded you like it did to me, you can find some sweet Valentine’s on Etsy.

I am totally dating myself because I remember Valentines very similar to this from the 70s. These little retro numbers however are from the 40s and I’m not that old. Love this little sailor.

And it looks like Puppy Love has been around forever. Too cute!

Love these fish bowls! Great for school.

These charming little bracelets are great for little girls BFF’s.

These little personalized Valentine’s are too cute and save precious time writing a child’s name out for big classes.

Sweets for the sweet tooth?

I think these are fabulous for tween girls and their entourage.

Aren’t these vintage looking coupons sweet? Only they’re love coupons and that’s even better.

I want these labels for apothecary jars for my house.

Finally, what better way to say I love you, then to give someone the key to your heart. Awwwww.

Candace Derickx

Candace Derickx writes about food, family and travel on her site Life in Pleasantville and has been a staff editor at ChildMode since 2011. Follow her on Twitter @candace_dx and join in the conversation on her Facebook page, Life in Pleasantville.

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