OOTS! Innovative Dutch Design Roots: The Esthex Collection, Lunchbox & Flat Flowers

OOTS! is a Dutch-rooted, innovative design company based in New Mexico, who produces and distributes European designed products. Their focus is modern yet practical and they collaborate with a range of global artists to bring unique products to the US market. These three OOTS! products are sure to brighten your winter doldrums: the Eco-friendly Lunchbox, Flat Flowers, and the Esthex family of dolls, animals, infant toys, and more.

The OOTS! Eco-friendly Lunchbox is composed of stackable containers, in cool modern colors. The entire lunchbox is dishwasher safe and the easily-opened containers offer built in portion control. Another accolade? This Lunchbox has even been featured on Oprah’s O-List! I find these colors cheery enough for a child’s lunch and even stylish enough for me to take to the office. Win-win!

Flat Flowers are decals that give you a perk of color and life to any window in your home. These would be perfect right now on my window overlooking our snowy driveway. The decals are static-cling so they are easily removable without sticky adhesives. Fifteen different flower types could brighten up your child’s nursery, bedroom, kitchen, basement egress window, or even a large powder room mirror. The classic Van Gogh irises and sunflowers are beautiful, as are the traditional Dutch tulip designs. I can think of so many uses for these Flat Flowers–the pops of color would be welcome to liven up a hospital room, a maternity bedrest room, or even in the room of a child who suffers from allergies.

The OOTS! Esthex dolls, animals, backpacks, baby items, and music boxes were the brainchild of the designer’s younger self–a drawing she found she had done at the age of four years old. She used that drawing as a model for the first Esthex doll, and the line grew from there. This line of items would make perfectly sweet baby shower gifts, a sentimental item for your child, or a backpack for a fashionable and studious day at school.

Brighten your day by checking out your favorite OOTS! products!