Ciaté: The Most Luxurious & Fashionable Manicure Sets Around

Ladies, prepared to be amazed.

Every time I catch myself browsing on Pinterest I am always fascinated by the flawless photographs of perfectly manicured fingernails being re-pinned, and it was through Pinterest that I was able to find this spectacular product: ciaté. Ciaté (pronounced “see-are-tay”), is a gorgeous, fashionable line of nail polish, hand treatments, foot care, and accessories. The company name ciaté is an acronym for “Colour, Innovation, Aspiration, Trend, and Extraordinary,” and after one look at their website, you will agree. They have a solid-color line of nail polish, called Paint Pots, glitter polish, shimmer polish, but the crème de la crème of their product line are their glamorous Caviar Manicure and Velvet Manicure sets.


The Caviar Manicure set is a 3-dimensional manicure created by layering a base coat of solid color with a top coat of caviar beads, resulting in instantly sophisticated look. The sets are available in rainbow, black pearls (shown above), and mother-of-pearl color options.

The Velvet Manicure sets is created also with a base coat of solid color, but is finished instead with a luxurious crushed velvet powder. It is entirely indulgent and gorgeous. The sets are available in (left to right, above) berry poncho, blue suede, or mink cashmere.

Ciaté also offers a Very Colourfoil Manicure set for an edgy runway look, and a Sequined Manicure set for a dazzling finish.

I have had my nails manicured or polished twice within the last three years, the most recent being due to the fact that a gold, glittery bottle caught my eye earlier this month and I wanted to feel fancy for the new year. Perhaps my hands and nails are ready to take it to the next level. Are yours? Which is your favorite? The subtle and sophisticated mink cashmere Velvet Manicure is calling my name.

You can find Ciaté at the retailer most convenient to you.