Samantha Harris’ Daughter Turns 2! A Look Inside Her Birthday Party

Last weekend, TV host Samantha Harris threw a birthday party for her daughter Hillary who turned 2 on January 20th. Three other families with children ranging from 2 to 5 took part in the event which included some of Hillary’s favourite activities. She was also gifted with some of our favorites including Zulily and Mabel’s Labels.

First up – Facepainting!
While the kid waited their turn to get their faces painted, they could play in a play area filled with balloons where they could run around and toss the balloons.

The Bubble Guppies themed chocolate cake was a big hit with everyone and gave the kids more energy to get their creative juices going. Samantha bought a 15-foot roll of white paper and unrolled it over pink plastic table covers she had taped together, for a messy “artists at work” art project outside on the patio using paints, makers, dot paints and crayons.

Lastly, Hillary’s favorite thing – a Dance Party! Samantha said,

“I made a playlist on my iPod with her favorite tunes and led the kids in a pseudo music class with “freeze dance”, “Head, Shoulders…”, “Eentsy Weensy Spider”, “Ring Around the Roses”, “Old MacDonald.”

For gift bags, Samantha included her “favorite party favors, personalized Mabel’s Labels,” a mini manicure kit with nail file and toe-separators, over-sized pen easy to grasp, and a Lollipop-shaped notepad.

Photo credit: Samantha Harris for use on Child Mode