Details On The New Updated Boppy Nursing Pillow


Boppy has released a new nursing pillow!

If you have breastfed your child, or know someone who has, chances are they are in love with their Boppy pillow. It is a “must-have” on many registry lists, a suggested item to many new nursing moms, and it is often one of those duplicated purchases that people buy in order to have one in each room of their home where they tend to spend time breastfeeding during the newborn days. We still use our Boppy pillow daily and my son is now 13 months old (we still use it when nursing and he loves resting his head on it when playing on the floor).

Boppy has produced a video highlighting the features of the new pillow and the line that struck a chord with me is, “I feel like I need to cherish these moments because time goes by so fast.” It is so true, so why not find something that fits your needs and creates bonding time with your child?

The new pillow was designed with input from a Lactation Consultant and now is composed of two different support types: firm and soft. The firm side is stable and angled, covered in minky fabric, and the soft side is the classic Boppy pillow style. The pillow is wide arm design fits all moms and there is now a waist belt to keep baby snug against your body while breastfeeding. After removing the firm foam insert and belt, the entire pillow is washable!

The new Boppy Nursing Pillow is available in two patterns, Thimbleberry (left) and Pinwheels (right). Find your nearest Boppy retailer to check it out!