Headztrong Helmet Covers Are The Coolest Fashions To Hit The Slopes

There are times when you stumble across an invention of sorts that is so smart and so neat you wonder why you didn’t think of it first. Headztrong helmet covers are one of those products.

Terry Tavner, former editor-in-chief of Woman’s Own magazine partnered with her friend Sara Young to create nine styles of Headztrong helmet covers for adults and kids. They look super cool, kids love them and they encourage little ones to wear their helmets while skiing or snowboarding.

In Mt. Tremblant, Quebec ski helmets are compulsory for anyone attending their ski schools.  They are so important for protecting against falls, head injuries and in more extreme cases – death. So, so important for everyone to stay safe and protected when hitting the slops!

Although Headztrong’s helmet covers are made in Britain and available at Harrod’s luxury department store in London, Canadians and Americans can buy their own set directly through the company www.headztrong.com.

Price: $46.00-$58.00.