5 Must Have Education Apps For Your iPad

I travel with my two girls a lot. That means, of course, that they miss a lot of school. I’m good with this because I truly believe that not all life’s lessons happen in the classroom. That being said, I can’t ignore basic fundamentals, even when traveling. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for great education apps to put on the iPad that my girls can do at the airport, on the plane or even on the beach if need be.

Brain Quest – You know this game from the classic flipcards you can buy in the store, only this version is much more portable.

Chicktionary – This is actually a game with education hidden inside. Sort of like hiding vegetables. My girls get a kick out of seeing how many words they can make out of the letters provided.

GeoBee Challenge – This app from National Geographic Society is a favourite with my daughter in Grade 5. Fun way to keep up to date in geography.


Math Drills – Ah, the dreaded math drills. This one keeps them sharp though and offers progress reports for each student along with practice, drills and tests. One of my favourites….maybe not the girls so much.


Reading Comprehension – This little app is fantastic. My youngest reads a short story and then has to answer a series of questions after to see if she fully understood what she read. Also, along they way they’re learning fun facts!


Do you bring an iPad or tablet with you during your travels? What are your favourite apps?