Keen On Keen: Infant & Toddler Shoe Spotlight

This past weekend I took my son to Nordstrom to have him fitted for proper shoes now that he is walking and playing on a toddler playground daily. While we were there I couldn’t resist the temptation to try two pairs of Keen shoes on his tiny feet.

Above: The infant Kootenay ($55) and infant Alamosa ($45)

My husband and I are HUGE fans of Keen. We both have been wearing their classic Newport H2 sandals for years. It is the perfect shoe for our frequent canoe trips, camping adventures, and everyday use. They are incredibly durable, supportive, comfortable, and offer (as my husband says) “superior toe protection.” The fabric of the Newport H2 is washable polyester webbing which features an odor-reducing shield and the sole is solid.

Let’s just say the rugged sole of this particular shoe has protected my toes from rocks and river debris while portaging a canoe more times than I can mention. So when I saw the pairs of infant Keens on the store display, I was thrilled to slip a pair on his feet and take a few photos. He is still not stable enough yet to move out of the pre-walker shoe soles, so they had to go back on shelf until he is a few months older. I think summer will be perfect timing to size him for his first Newport H2s with his increased ability to explore. The Kootenay boot would be perfect right now for the chilly winter weather if you have a little explorer needing toasty toes.

The Coronado Print infant shoes ($35) are incredibly cheery with their playful prints. It’s hard to pick just one favorite out of that group!

Above: toddler boots, infant Newport H2 ($40), infant boots, and infant Coronado Lace ($35).

The best feature of Keen shoes, in my opinion, is that they are tough. They can take whatever you, your adventurous partner, or your curious child can dish out. These toddler and infant boots and shoe options would be perfect picks for protecting your little one’s toes so they can stay active.

Explore the Keen website for gorgeous, rugged, playful (and more!) footwear for men, women, and children.