Will Baby Infographics Replace The Traditional Baby Book?

Infographics are all the rage in the world of social media. “What is your work personality?” “How has Pinterest changed the world wide web?” “Do you have what it takes to XYZ?” Whatever your question or issue, there is an infographic to accompany it. And now, baby has joined the club.

StrangeBirdy Studio’s Milestones Poster
($45) celebrates all of your child’s exciting firsts in an interactive infographic. Measuring “20×30” this fun chart offers spots and spaces for parents to record all of their child’s exciting development and display proudly on the nursery wall. Everything from the place of birth and motor skills to hairstyles, first Halloween costume, first words and more can be documented. The chart is bordered by growth rulers to track baby’s height and weight are colorful graphics and charts for to color, write in or apply fabric stickers to (which come included).

Ranging from place of birth, motor skills, hairstyles, first Halloween costume, first words and much more–all in one 20×30” artful print for visitors to marvel at. Included with the poster are one hundred fabric stickers for parents to write their child’s name, document their hair at different stages of growth, record their food preferences, and more.

What do you think? Will this replace the traditional baby book/scrapbook?