Jonathan Adler Junior 2013 ~ New Twoolies, Banks, Pillows, Rugs & Stuffies

Jonathan Adler is one of my all-time favorite designers. Everything he creates is bright and fun with a whole lot of class. 2013 has brought forth even more goodies – especially for the kiddos. Pillows, canvas storage and printed rugs are just some of the home decor ideas from the Jonathan Adler Junior collection.

Toys include crocheted elephant and owl , while the kids have some spiffy new banks to choose from. Forget the piggie. Elephants, lions and owls and sailors are where your buck should be. There are new additions to the twoolie family too. A teal sheep, pink sea turtle and purple monkey join the peacock, elephant, owl, lion, quetzal and kangaroo.

Check out the entire collection from Jonathan Junior as well as new additions for mom and dad on JonathanAdler.com.