Stonz Review: The Soft Soled Winter Boot For Babies

There is one thing babies and boots have in common – they seldom stay put. After dressing your little one up in their full-on winter gear and heading outside to play in the snow, the last thing you want is a boot removing itself from your toddler’s foot. It has happened to me more times than I care to count. Another issue is sizing. Babies grow SO fast and I’ve had times when I’ve ordered footwear in a half size larger to have them outgrown in a matter of weeks. Winter boots in particular are quite expensive, so this is not a fun scenario yet it is one that happens quite often.

I had heard of Stonz Booties in the past and over the last couple of years my friends have raved about how fabulous they are yet I had never seen or tested them out myself until just recently.

Stonz booties are different from any other boot on the market. They were actually designed by a mom who used to wrap scarves around her five-month-old son’s legs to keep him warm after discovering that finding warm boots for infants was almost impossible. She came up with a boot that was essentially a ‘warm and waterproof sack’ which could be adjusted and tightened.

My concern for these soft-soled boots was whether or not they would be warm enough for our -25C winters here in Northern Ontario. I loved the design at first glance, but wasn’t convinced on the warmth factor. We tried them 2 ways – with their included liners and with the additional Booties Linerz made from Sherpa-fleece.

With the included liners:

We popped the boots over my son’s shoes and let him play in the snow. Surprisingly he was still warm without the additional liners, however on really frigid days his feet felt a tad cool although still not cold.

With Stonz Booties Linzers:

These were a real winner! Not only did they keep his feet warm, but I tried putting them on his bare feet (no socks or shoes) and after another snow day his feet were toasty.

Stonz sizing is just genius! They are available in three sizes (0-9 months, 6-18 months and 1-2.5 ) making them an excellent investment or gift idea. One boot that fits for more than 3 months of your baby’s life at a time. Who would have thought? We’ve been using Stonz Booties for the past couple of months now and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone with a baby or toddlers. They come in a whole slew of styles and colors for boys and girls Two thumbs up!

*Disclosure: Stonz sent us a sample pair of booties for testing purposes.*