A Dreamy Backyard Playhouse For Adults & Kids

For children and adults alike, the desire to have your own special place to relax, think, play, and dream is endless.   Playing in a giant cardboard box as a child or under a table covered in blankets was always such a fun, magical game, where you could pretend to be anyone, anywhere.

As adults, these moments may seem few and far between.  Busy, busy, busy we are keeping up with our kids, with relationships, with life, which doesn’t seem to leave much time to chill. Am I right?

Seeking a place to do just that, a couple in Bogota, Columbia hired architectural studio Manuel Villa to design and create an incredible outdoor playhouse for them and their newborn.  A place they could escape to as a family for relaxation and fun, which would eventually serve as a setting for their child to play independently when he is older.

The 80 sq ft playhouse faces nature with a center skylight as a beaming source of natural light.  The interior is simply paneled with wood and has a small desk and sofa, which can easily accommodate an array of needs.  This dreamy playhouse is the perfect setting for imaginative child’s play, or for any adult seeking peace or maybe a nap.