Cypher Kids Takes Apps To A Whole New Level With Augmented Reality Cards #CypherKidsClub

I’m always looking for new apps for our iPad. Scratch that. My children are always looking for new apps. Not a day goes by that my youngest daughter doesn’t come up to me and beg me to download the latest and greatest. Although many of these apps are inexpensive, they don’t provide long lasting fun. 30 minutes in and you are pretty much finished with the entire game.

I was recently introduced to a brand new game concept for all i devices. The 3D learning Cypher Kids Augmented Reality Cards bring you into the game in a super cool 3D format. This weekend, I packed up my kids and headed to the city to our Walmart Supercenter to pick out the cards. They were so easy to spot – even more so than the xBox and Wii games. Since I couldn’t choose just one, we needed up picking the “Letters,” “Numbers,” and “Wild Animals” games.

These games come in a set of 26 large cards, each with a picture on one side and a special code on the other. Once you download the free Cypher Kids app (Letters, Numbers or Wild Animals), you choose the card you would like to start with.

Then you place the card code side up in front of the camera and “magically” a 3D image appears. Now, I will say there is a little bit of a learning curve here because if you move the card after the image appears, the image moves as well. We found this a little tough to play while holding our iPad upright, so we adjusted the card so that the image was where we wanted it and then tapped the code and flipped the card over. This froze the image in place and we were able to play without readjusting cards.

The Wild Animals set was a big hit and my girls as well as my infant son had a blast interacting with crabs and roaring at lions. I will say that I was the most surprised with the Letter set.


Letters and Numbers are usually taught in a similar fashion. There isn’t much…variety. My kids usually consider this ‘work’ as opposed to play. This was NOT the case with the Cypher Kids games. For ‘Letters’ Digi and Beebot (a robot and his sidekick) create a really fun learning experience for each and every letter. My girls were sounding  them out and singing during the entire game. They really loved it! Numbers were also a big hit.

Cypher Kids Club Interactive Cards will be tagging along with us on road trips and vacations. They are highly interactive, fun and educational. The games are recommended for children from 3 and up. They are right on target with that recommendation as both my 3 year old and 6 year old daughters were entertained.

Be sure to check out my shopping experience on Google +. I put together an entire album. And psst.. I picked up a little something else. Me in an electronics section = dangerous.

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