5 Gloves & Mittens From Oeuf NYC That Will Bring Delight & Warmth To The Whole Family

We are huge fans of Oeuf and have been for quite some time now. Their ingenuity is beyond anything I’ve ever seen and season after season, they outdo themselves. Whether it be fashion, accessories or furniture, this company knows a child. They know, create and market to the essence of ‘child’.

We are in hat and mitten season right now and although we don’t have any snow just yet, the days are definitely nippy. Oeuf’s EYES Mittens are a favourite of mine as they remind me of the Evil Eye talisman. These come in adult sizes (shown above) or a kiddie version as seen below.

These were available in both grey and brown, but as it looks the brown is the only colour available now.

Manicures are usually kept under wraps during the winter months, but these fun gloves show them off in a tongue-in-cheek manner. These are also available in adult and child sizes.

Everyone loves bunnies! These minimalistic mittens are also available in a matching mom/dad version pictured below.

One size fits all with these bunny mittens for grown ups.

These are my favorite out of the entire bunch. Made for adults, these clever mitts are made so that little hands can slip into your own while staying warm at the same time. Two-in-one with a whole lot of love!